Code Red

The United Nations has issued a Code Red relating to the climate emergency. The UN General Secretary said there was no time to lose and called on all nations to act decisively now if an environmental catastrophe is to be averted.

We do not need more evidence that climate change is already with us, with fires, heatwaves and flooding occurring throughout the globe at unprecedented levels. Din l-Art Ħelwa, as an environmental NGO, feels it is its duty to take up the challenge and fight for action at a local level and link up with national and international organizations to effectively do this.

DLĦ Code Red is a project where we are inviting students, specialists, scientists as well as interested individuals to form part of a core group to take this forward. This group will formulate and implement a strategy to lobby for change with the Government, the business community and all citizens on a national level. They will be able to tap into the international organisations which DLĦ forms part of and work with other NGOs on a local level.

Young and full of fresh ideas?

We’re in need for a breath of youthful fresh air, dynamic ideas and enthusiasm.

Join Code Red

There are many different ways you can be involved in Code Red. Whatever your availability, skills or interests we need your help!

Code Red Youth is managed by Din L-Art Ħelwa.

Other ways to get involved

Involving yourself in our discussion groups

Code Red brings together like minded individuals who are interested in making small but overall significant changes to the way we treat our planet. By tackling climate change we would ultimately be improving our own quality of life. Living in a greener, less polluted, more environmentally friendly country has a direct impact on our health and stress levels. If you share our green values, we invite you to join our discussion groups. Participate and share ideas, especially in spreading positive actions and personal experiences highlighting how you yourself are contributing to this green revolution.

Participating in social events

In the coming months Code Red will be organising a number of social events designed and managed by members. These events will be aimed at bringing like minded individuals together and helping build this into a bigger community that together can make a difference! To organise these events we need volunteers. People who can help us set the events up, ensure that all goes smoothly, and provide any logistical support. If you are too busy to help as a volunteer in this way, participating and encouraging your friends to participate will also be helping Code Red in its mission.

Helping us with creating awareness on social media

Code Red needs to communicate its actions, its activities and its values to the widest public possible. We need to inspire others to start believing that even small actions can make a difference and bring out change. We are looking for young people to help us communicate effectively on social media. If you know how to create animations, take and edit short videos or create attractive visual communication we would like to hear from you!

Taking the lead

Code Red is a movement of like minded young people who believe that we can make a difference in targeting climate change before it is too late. We are looking for motivated and dynamic individuals who can lead events and actions to promote this vision. These can be small case studies, pilot projects, communication and awareness events as well as Public Relations.

Spread the word!

Environmental storytelling can help spread big ideas for saving the planet. Tackling climate change will require huge changes in society. Decarbonising energy, restoring habitats and making food supply sustainable are all critical actions but rather than motivating change through fear we wish to use storytelling as a way to encourage change. Are you an educator, do you work and teach with young children? You can help us spread the word to future generations. We strongly believe that education is key to creating awareness and changing lifestyles. We’d love to hear from you and find ways as to how we can work together to target these very young audiences.

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6 things you can do about climate change!
Start with daily small changes.

How is climate change effecting our Islands?

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